Pop Art Posters by Keetatat Sitthiket

If you’ve ever been in a Bangkok Market, you’ll know you can’t just walk past a stall filled with Pop Art Posters by Keetatat Sitthiket. His unmatched artistic talents have made his style world famous. Many artists do “Pop Art” but none compare to Keetatat Sitthiket. His style of pop art is truly unique, memorable and distinctive. We’re excited to bring his brilliant works of art from Bangkok abroad for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Keetatat Sitthiket’s Pop Art Style

Kobe Bryant Pop Art Poster Mamba Forever by Keetatat Sitthiket
Kobe Bryant Pop Art Poster Mamba Forever by Keetatat Sitthiket

KS uses amazing colors and unique designs which brings a fresh perspective to each piece. His style has evolved over the years, developing an incredible strength for shading and illuminating characters of all different textures, colors, and moods. Each print is a true reflection of the character’s inspiration. An inspirational quote from the painting’s subject breathes life into each piece.

His creative standard is high, and his production standards match this. All pop art poster use a durable wooden frame with beautiful high gloss finishing.These touches only enhance his ability to bring these images to life, making them so much more than just paintings. Keetatat’s Pop Art quickly becomes the center point in any room.

Famous Pop Art by Keetat Sitthiket

The subjects of Keetatat Sitthiket’s work transcends genres, crossing over to include icons from all walks of life, different eras, with different talents and inspirations. He illustrates musicians, political figures, professional athletes, celebrities and a wide variety of characters that they portray.  His work is recognized worldwide, some of his most popular genres for pop art posters include Marvel & DC movies, sports cars, football athletes, Bearbrick & KAWs characters, and hit TV shows.

Marvel vs. DC Pop Art Posters

Joker Pop Art Poster "Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?"His collection of Marvel Movie Pop Art Posters take the Avengers from the big screen straight to your walls. Quotes direct from the movies bring their characters to life on canvas. Inspirational Ironman quotes like “Following is not really my style” remind you that “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk”. Keetatat captures a wide variety of other Marvel superheros and villans in his posters, click here to see them all. He even pays homage to Marvel mastermind, Stan Lee, in an epic piece with him surrounded by his creations.

If DC is more your thing, Keetatat also has a healthy dose of posters for both good and evil. His most popular pieces from the DC collection include the many faces of The Joker. Heath Ledger’s iconic performance is immortalized alongside Joaquin Phoenix’s more recent version of the character. Movie quotes will bring your right back to the scenes, “Madness, as you know is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push”.

Sports Car Pop Art Posters

Switching gears entirely, Keetetat’s collection of luxury car posters looks great in any man cave or office. Classic and high end designs, these pieces all have witty quotes. You can find bright, colorful posters of top Ferrari, Mercedes, and Lamborghini models; beautiful Bentleys and BMW’s. I think we can all agree, “Money may not buy happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Porsche”.

Football/Soccer Pop Art Posters

One of Keetatat Sitthiket’s largest collections features all our favorite football legends. The many faces and emotions of the beautiful game are available in posters featuring Premier League players. Football game faces on, there are posters of epic strikers. In one poster, Zlatan Ibrahimović wears a Manchester United jersey in one piece with the quote “I came like a king and left like a legend”. Another piece features Francesco Totti with the quote “I never cheated on Roma and I never will.” Browse Football posters by Keetatat Sitthiket by clicking here. 

Bearbrick Jiang Shi Poster by Keetatat Sitthiket

Be@brick and KAWS Pop Art Posters

KS has done a beautiful line of Medicom posters. Realistic designs with stunning colors and shading, his posters are a perfect backdrop for any Bearbrick toy collection. You can grab awesome pop art posters of the Bearbrick BAPE x Hebru Brantley Flyboy Shark collaboration, KAWS x Star Wars collab, or the Bearbrick Lucky Cat design

The strength of Keetatat’s art work shows through his ability to capture characters and icons. He really brings their personalities to life on canvas. You’ll be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but we dare you 😉   Explore all of the Pop Art Posters by Keetatat Sitthiket on our website; comment below to let us know when you find your favorite.


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