The Jokers Inspired Plaque Mounted Poster “Let’s get freaky”

$34.99 USD

The Jokers Abstract Poster Plaque with Quote “Let’s get freaky”

Bringing a unique and artistic flair to pop culture. The artist uses a mix of bright colors and glossy finish that will fill a room with energy and inspiration. Mounted on wood plaque with a canvas style frame, this strong piece of artwork will make a statement throughout your home or office.

This piece feature many different version of The Joker from The Batman Films and Comics, if you are a fan of abstract art and are in love with the sinister comical doings of this super villain this is the piece for you. Heath Ledger, Mark Hamil and Jared Leto characterizations of The Joker are featured in this high gloss finished piece of art.

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Size: 10 x 10 inch (25.4 x 25.4 cm)

Material: Acrylic printed, glossy surface plaque

Frame: Included (art piece fixed onto wooden frame)

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The Jokers Inspired Plaque Mounted Poster “Let’s get freaky”

$34.99 USD

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